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Worldview of Astronism

Published: 2nd August 2020

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2020). Worldview of Astronism. Available: Last accessed: [date].

the set of fundamental beliefs and principles forming how Astronists perceive the world, especially regarding which subjects they give a central focus to; Astronism’s worldview is cosmocentrism.

Cosmocentrism is a worldview with minor pre-Cometanic origins, but has really become emblematic of Astronism after further development of the concept by Cometan during the Founding era. It upholds the view that instead of extending a central focus to God (theocentrism), the terrestrial natural world (biocentrism), or humanity itself (anthropocentrism), the focus of thought, faith and life purpose should be placed on The Cosmos. This belief in which the astronomical world is made central permeates with great influence throughout Astronist philosophy, religion, spirituality, and ideology with the affect of orienting the majority beliefs and practices towards greater understanding and connection to The Cosmos. Not only this, but the fundamental centrality that is placed on all that is cosmic forms the identity of Astronism and Astronists, thus having pertinent impact on the practices, traditions, and wider Astronist cultural sphere which are imbued with a stellar theme.



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