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Ideology of Astronism

Published: 2nd August 2020

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2020). Ideology of Astronism. Available: Last accessed: [date].

Astronism when perceived through a political and economic lens, technically known as Astronarianism.

Central to Astronist political philosophy is the notion of transitionalism which affirms that an approximation to an astrocentric society, as the necessary precursor to the provision of spaceflight for the masses, will revolutionise human civilisation, thus leading to a major social, economic, physiological, religio-philosophical, and cultural transition called the Astronomic Revolution, the likes of which are only comparable to that of the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the Information Age. This is all in the effort of establishing a spacefaring society in which humanity will become a multi-planetary species as part of its destined evolutionary pathway. To achieve this, Astronarianism stresses the importance of transitioning human culture, religion and politics to approximate astrocentric and cosmocentric ideals which involve giving the space industry a central role in economic policy and promoting Astronist which has the capacity to provide the religious, philosophical, and cultural framework in which this transition is able to take place.



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